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Family Gold - Burglary Crime Prevention


In recent weeks, officers across GMP have responded to a number of burglaries that specifically target family gold.


Family gold is usually high purity, high-value gold jewellery – often bought as wedding gifts in Asian communities and passed down through generations, holding significant sentimental value.


Offenders are usually committing these burglaries after families have left their homes to attend evening prayers. 

GMP is committed to pursuing offenders and we have officers on targeted patrol in hotspot areas to try and prevent crime throughout the month of Ramadan.


We would also advise anyone with expensive jewellery in their homes to ensure it is safely locked away, out of sight. Simply hiding the jewellery is sadly not enough. A determined burglar will search high and low for items of high value. Ideally, you should remove jewellery from your home and secure it in a safe deposit box.


However, if you would prefer to keep it at home, consider purchasing a good quality safe which compiles with insurance rating standards. It should be anchored to something immovable and fitted with a Limpit alarm.


If you’re heading out in the evening, remember to ensure doors and windows locked, and remove any objects from outside your property that could potentially be used to break windows to gain entry. Tell your neighbours when you are out for the evening.


We are doing all we can by ensuring that we have proactive patrols in hotspot areas, but as always, the support of our communities is vital in helping us bring these people to justice. Please contact us if you see anyone acting suspiciously in your area, or if you know anything about burglary and the subsequent sale of stolen goods.


Further crime prevention advice can be found here:



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