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VW/Audi Vehicle Owners

Dear Residents of Tameside, 

VW/Audi Vehicle owners of Tameside, we've seen a recent increase of VW/Audi Vehicles being stolen across the division🚗

Don't let thieves get an easy ride. Follow these simple rules to protect your vehicle from thieves.

1. Lock your vehicle & Double-check electronic locking(make sure you double click the fob , you will hear a dead lock)

2. Keep your keys safe (Use a Faraday foil lined bag for keyless entry vehicles) 

3. Home security (CCTV, Security lights, Anti snap locks, door jammers) 

4. Fit good in-car security locks (Use a disc/steering lock, tracker, ghost alarm)

5.  Be aware of carjackers

6. Watch for illegal tow trucks

7. If you see anything suspicious report this to the police. 

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