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Knife Angel arrives in Bury!

Your Town Centre Neighbourhood Team have welcomed the Knife Angel to Bury, located on The Rock.


The Knife Angel objective is to bring about social change. The Angel was always intended to educate children, young people, and adults about the harmful effect that violent behaviour has on the communities all across the country. It has also helped to raise better awareness, helped those carrying knives to renounce violence as a solution for solving disputes, and encourage leading bodies to create better initiatives to turn the tide on aggressive behaviour. It symbolises a call for change whilst acting as a National Memorial for victims of knife crime and their loved ones.


·       National monument against violence and aggression

·       Taken 4 years to build,

·       Made of 100,000 knives which have been seized or handled into police,

·       30% of these knives still had remanence of blood on them,

·       Monument is made to educate people about the effects of violence and knives.


Here at Bury, we will endeavour to stamp out knife related crime to protect the communities of Bury. Police officers will utilise their stop search powers when necessary and will bring offenders to justice if caught with a knife without a lawful purpose.

Greater Manchester Police has several amnesty bins across the force which gives members of the public the chance to dispose of a knife anonymously with no questions asked, by simply depositing it into the amnesty bin at their local police station.


Attached is a photo of the Knife Angel which is currently on show in Bury Town Centre and will be here for the duration of March.


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